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Engaged Sweeper
I've been tasked with automating the ticket creation process after someone needs a password reset. I am able to open a URL with the correct parameters for creating a ticket but I am unable to retrieve the TicketID from the ticket I just made in my vbscript. I need this TicketID value because it appears that you cannot close a ticket after creating it because it requires the EditTicket function instead of the AddTicket function. And you can only use one of those Actions in a request.

Is there a certain call that I am supposed to make to get this TicketID?

Am I supposed to parse through the JSON values to get the TicketID?

What is the easiest way of going about this?

I'm not a seasoned coder but I am trying my best. Thanks for any input, I truly appreciate it.
Engaged Sweeper II
Yes. When you use the AddTicket function, it'll return a JSON string. In that JSON string is the TicketID

Not sure how you parse JSON in VBScript though. A quick google doesn't yield many helpful results.