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Engaged Sweeper
I configured a new Windows 10 Pro tower at the office, and had it join the domain. No extra bloat software. bare minimum (OS, Office)
PC Name after joining domain: Tower016.domain.local
IP at the office:
Used provided script to set ports to ensure proper ports were open, etc. Adjusted firewall to allow an app through the firewall. Lansweeper worked.

Tower was deployed into the field. Tower is behind a third party PCI compliant firewall, but we do have access through the firewall. Tower on site has local IP of, but we ping I have adjusted the hosts file on the Lansweeper server to match I am able to ping from the Lansweeper server, shared folders are visible and editable on the Lansweeper server, and I am able to RDP into the remote tower using Tower016, the FQDN, and also the IP

The Test Connection shows everything is OK, except for the following:

Scanning WMI..
The RPC server is unavailable.
The RPC server is unavailable.
The RPC server is unavailable.

Checking C$ Access
Deployment Folder: OK
Access Rights: OK

Checking Task Scheduler
The RPC server is unavailable.

Could not edit Registry to scan Kerberos errors

The answer cannot be use the LSAgent. There are times that I need to manually re-scan an asset, and I don't want to have the LSAgent running every hour.

Any direction would be helpful.

thank you,

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