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Engaged Sweeper

Hi all! I have an interesting issue with network assets. I was doing testing with several devices, adding and filling fields. I decided to start over and removed all the assets, then setup scheduled range scans. Now, however, asset details such as manufacturer, description, and serial number do not populate. The first two show up using devicetester and the last is in the Asset Custom table under SerialNumberScanned, but none of them are populated where they should be. Has anyone else had this issue? 

Note: All scanning credentials are the same as before and none of the 'locks' are turned on.

Champion Sweeper

Have you searched for the MIBs/OIDs on the devices in question?  Sometimes you can find those in the tech docs of the respective Mfg's if the snmp scans are not getting you the info you want.

Engaged Sweeper


Yes - I scoured all the community resources I could before posting but did not seem to find any pertinent content. 

It seems that the manufacturer information is gather from the OUI of the MAC address discovered. It appears the MAC address is detected as the Unique ID for these devices immediately but is only populated in the MAC column after a period of time. Once the MAC address is populated, the Manufacturer and Description fields also appear after some time. My guess is that data updates on internal stored procedures.

I did not observe the 'serialnumberscanned' data ever migrate to the 'serialnumber' field on the devices, but a quick UPDATE query in SQL resolved that issue. 

I'm continuing to do testing as I can to get as much data as possible. My LS deployment is focused only on network equipment (not PCs) so I recognize there may be slight oddities here and there. 

Thanks for your reply! I will go ahead and mark it as the solution as I am sure it would help others with scanning issues as well.