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Engaged Sweeper

We would like to make an automatic rotation through cyberark of the password of the user used to scan the computers and that the password is saved in the scanning credentials.

Is there a way to do it with a script or something?
Engaged Sweeper

We currently use Thycotic Secret server to store our passwords and our service accounts change every x-amount of time.

It would be very handy not to go around Lansweeper to update our passwords...

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello! We understand that you are interested in making automatic password rotations. However, this is not something that Lansweeper can do at the moment. We have a feature request for this and hopefully, we can see this feature in a future release.

In addition, we really do not really recommend scripting it on your own as we cannot provide support for writing custom database scripts. If your Lansweeper installation is broken due to a custom database script you would void your warranty and we would not be able to provide support.

Even though in theory it might be possible to make a script to automate the process, Lansweeper encrypts all passwords and it might be quite complicated to get the function to work properly without back-end information.

Engaged Sweeper

I have the same question. Right now, we have to manually update the passwords but having an option to use CyberArk or script to update passwords would be a great option.

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