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Engaged Sweeper II
Just wondering is there a way i can add a specific event log to be scanned on lansweeper so i can either create a report or it show up on the Recent eventlog entries on devices?

I am looking to gather into from a few different event logs (the location would be Event Viewer - Applications and Services logs - Microsoft - Windows - SMBserver - Audit or GroupPolicy - Operational)

Champion Sweeper III
I concur with memxit and df1823 about the need to scan the Applications and Services Logs group. I'm trying to pull Veeam errors and warnings, as well as informational events to put together a dashboard of backups that have failed, passed and machines that have the software installed on then.
Engaged Sweeper III
Scanning Application and Service logs is becoming a much needed feature for our company as new software is starting to use this location exclusively.

Ideally we would like to see the capability to scan for a specific Application/Service log within the Scanner settings and filter what types (warning etc.) are stored in the database.
Engaged Sweeper II

When you say "Lansweeper will only scan Windows logs from the Event Viewer" would these logs be included as part of that?

If you open up Event Viewer - Applications and Services logs - Microsoft - Windows - SMBserver. I would say yes that is part of event viewer, but im guessing Lansweeper would just class the normal Application, Security, Setup and System logs?

The second thing if Lansweeper did scan the other event logs, you mentioned it can scan information events but obviously that would increase the DB size dramatically.

I think i will have to go back to to the drawing board to try and pull all of these events from another way
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
First off, it's important to know that Lansweeper will only scan Windows logs from the Event Viewer. So make sure that the logs you want to scan are in there.

If they are, the second thing you need to verify is that the correct event log scanning is enabled. By default Lansweeper will only scan error type events (to prevent exponential DB growth). If you want to scan any other type of events, you can enable it in configuration\server options.

Once it's scanned you can use the report named "Windows: Error events generated in last 7 days" as an example and edit it. Just filter for the type and ID of the events you want to see.