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Engaged Sweeper
Hello, a year ago the same topic was raised and closed with the answer "Lansweeper has it on the radar and in the wish list of many users". In the current version I still haven't found this feature. Will it be available 2016? Whould be very helpful in an IOS company environment. hope you find a way to scan IOS phones and tablets. thanks
Lansweeper Alumni
A specific iOS scanning procedure is not in development yet unfortunately. Lansweeper can pull data from any of the following protocols on a network device, but iOS devices won't generally have these enabled: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, JetDirect, MOB (Managed Object Browser), SIP, SMTP, SNMP (SNMPv1, SNMPv2 or SNMPv3), SSH, Telnet, WMI. If you tick Save Pinged IP for your IP ranges under Scanning\Scanning Targets, you should at least see an asset for any pingable IP address, but scanned data will be limited without a protocol enabled on the device.