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Engaged Sweeper
Just noticed that our freeware version of lansweeper (we don't have enough assets), has not scanned for a while. I've initiated scan now, but nothing appearing in the queue. Any ideas what could be preventing this?

Engaged Sweeper
I tried AD scanning and got this error shown in the scanning targets:

No data loaded from TsysASServers, check database connection.

Looking in log file:

Error during process scan queue No data loaded from TsysASServers, check database connection.
at Lansweeper.Service.BL.DatabaseCache.TsysASServersCache.get_ThisServer()
at LansweeperService.Helper.ScanProgress.ProcessScanQueue(Boolean& #=qY2ZknR3Tj9AgPoP3PRiUgQ==)

The database is local.
Engaged Sweeper
I was down a few minor versions, have installed latest version, yet when I request to scan an item, it appears to increment the Total Scans number. The clearing queue icon rotates, yet nothing is updated, nothing appears in the queues.
I can't connect Tech support as we don't have a purchased license, but according to the website everything should work fine with the freeware version.
So appears I'm a bit stymied.