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Engaged Sweeper
We are having an issue lately of lansweeper picking up new pc's that were imaged and added to the domain. They used to appear after you logged into the domain. But now I need to manually scan the IP range to get it to happen. We have scan domain but we also have scan IP range configured. How do you recommend setting this up? It has 3 domains to scan and about 60 IP ranges. How often do you recomend scanning? Should we break up times for the groups? We have the computer threads and IP threads each set at 20. Is that good or should we adjust? Please. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I would suggest taking a look at your scan queue. Depending on how many assets you scan it might be that at mid day scans can take a long time because the queue is so long.

IP and computer threads kinda depend on the server Lansweeper is running on an what it can handle. It's something you can experiment with while keeping an eye on resource usage.

Theoretically, domain pc's should be discovered within 15 minutes after logon on default settings.