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Engaged Sweeper
We have roughly 1800 assets, and the settings to do 14 concurrent scans.

We also just upgraded yesterday from to, and for a while it was scanning at the appropriate pace. But this morning, it just seems stuck. Zero ongoing scanning with over 250 assets in the list, waiting to be scanned.

This behavior has been going on for several weeks, probably months.
Engaged Sweeper
I believe we have the culprit. So it turns out another team was adding in a bunch of Performance Scanning targets, and they were eating up scanning threads like it was candy.

Disabling those scan appears to have solved the problem. I'm watching for the next few days to be sure.
Champion Sweeper
v9.3.0.6 (08 Mar 2022, one release before 10 Mar 2022) introduced the app store and driver scanning. If you started seeing issues after upgrading to v9.3, I'd think those features are still suspect.

Support has also indicated an issue with EXCHANGE scanning in the current release, one other option for consideration.
Engaged Sweeper
Pretty sure those options aren't the culprit, as we only upgraded last week, and we've been having issues for months. Guess I'll have to email support.
Champion Sweeper
Recent Lansweeper updates have included new scanning options for


I've seen significant resource utilization issues on our local scanning server for both CPU and memory with these options enabled. Initially the Windows app store scanning caused our scanning server to stop responding altogether for minutes at a time and the scanning queue is continually backlogged.

Take a look at your local C:\program files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\errorlog.txt to get an idea of what option(s) above might be causing excessive load for your scan server. You can use PowerShell to monitor the file realtime for new entries, example

get-content "c:\program files (x86)\lansweeper\service\errorlog.txt" -tail 40 -wait

Even with the 5 new scan options disabled, and bumping up the RAM on our server, the scan server is running out of memory within a couple of days and I'm awaiting further feedback from support for more debugging.

If you haven't already contacted support, they'll probably have additional advice.

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