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Resolved! Can I disable TLS 1.2 in Lansweeper?

I have a cyber request to disable TLS 1.2 on my Lansweeper server. Reading within the forums, it appears that TLS 1.2 is a requirement for the LsAgent to work as intended and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.  Without affecting the functionality negatively of...

Aastra phones getting detected as "Web Server"

Good afternoon,I’m writing in this forum because i’m having a hard time making lansweeper detect my VOIP Aastra phones.So the problem is really simple, lansweeper detects the phones as « Web Server ». I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to find the ...

elaxrocha by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! asset description

For computer objects, in the AD there is a "Description" property. When I click on an asset there is a description, however it does not appear to be getting the value from the AD, is it therefore pulling it from the windows computer itself?I want to ...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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File Scanning and Registry Scanning on Lansweeper 7

Is there any changes for File Scanning and Registry Scanning for Lansweeper 7?Will the File Scanning and Registry Scanning still depend on LSpush? Or it can co-exist with LSagent?If the LSagent is not supported, then LSpush must be deployed on the re...

Alan_LS by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning: Windows Updates

Hi,I just have a general question in regards to how the scanning for Windows Updates works. Does Lansweeper utilize the get-wmiobject -class win32_quickfixengineering to query them, in which case only CBS installed updates would be shown? I am guess...

dscoland by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scanning pass-through in Netgear switches

We use a fairly large number of Netgear ProSafe Plus switches (GS105Ev2, GS108Ev3, GS116Ev2) and I am trying to figure out what settings need to be enabled in order for LANSweeper to identify the clients plugged into these switches consistently.It se...

MikeRigsby by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! ignoring eMail senders does not work after update to V7

Hi.After update to V7 the rules for ignoring eMails do not work any longer. "postmaster@" for instance should be ignored and was ignored before.Right now all of this bounces back and re-open a ticket automatically, as the system tries to send a closu...

olgr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Ticket history missing

Hi all.I wonder why I can't see sent eMails related to a ticket inside the ticket's history.This is a critical feature to allow an agent to see if the user get informed on something.Maybe there is an option to activate this. Who knows?And if not: Is ...

olgr by Engaged Sweeper II
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