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Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to figure out how to ensure the SIP phones on a subnet are recognized as SIP phones when they are scanned. We have Grandstream GXP2170 phones which support SSH, SNMP and of course SIP on port 5065. Randomly some phones do get recognized as SIP Phones, but the rest just show as asset type "Web Server" and the name as "Loading Web Application".

I tried removing all scanning credentials from that IP range, and ensured the SIP port is set correctly. The device tester works and shows the connection on the SIP port.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper uses a algorithm to decide what the asset type is. Usually this is based on the open ports on the device. Personally I think it will be best to scan the phones using SNMP. I would recommend creating a new IP range scanning target for the phones and then making sure you check the "No SSH"