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Engaged Sweeper
I have setup a package to deploy Skype to users in the business

Unlike some software applications Skype does not allow you to install over an older version so this package removes any old versions first then installs the new version.

Its contains 5 steps being A condition to check if the software is installed if it is it then moves to the next condition to check the version and if it does not have the correct version I want to install it moves to the next step to uninstall Skype. Once done I created another step to install vc_redist.x86.exe as this fixes a .dll error I was having then once this is complete it moves to the final step to install my latest version of Skype and it works.

My only concern is the uninstall part of Skype, The MSI Uninstaller step only allows you to select 1 version to uninstall but many of our users are using many different versions of Skype so basically it only works if a user has the older version of Skype that's listed in my MSI Uninstaller step being 7.30.105

I was thinking of creating multiple MSI Uninstaller steps however this wont work as you can only select one "Action on success" so you cant select multiple steps to loop through.

Has anyone ever had this issue and found a way around it not just with Skype but any software were you have multiple versions. I don't think its possible but hopeful someone could know a workaround.

Lansweeper Alumni
You may be able to add a bunch of MSIuninstaller steps that link through to the next MSIuninstaller with action on failure, and go through to the installer with action on success.