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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi there,

many of our users contact us for installing or upgrading their software, e.g. JRE or Acrobat Reader.
Is there a way a user can initiate this deployment on his own?

Something like:
- user logs in to the webconsole
- user gets an overview of available software/patches/... (the list of software/patches would be created/maintained by the admins)
- user can click on the desired software/patch and triggers the system to deploy on the users machine.

Honored Sweeper
This seems more like a feature of SCCM that you require. Something that Lansweeper is not capable of at present, not sure if its something they will add either. If your talking self installs you tend to be talking large companies where SCCM might be a better option.

Self-Service Deployments in Microsoft’s SCCM allow us to provide users on Microsoft Windows PCs with the ability to install applications at their own convenience. In nearly all cases, these installs will be completely automated and so will require no user input or interaction aside from starting the install.
Engaged Sweeper II
Hey MrCount! Did you happen to find a way to achieve user-initiated deployments? Maybe outside of LanSweeper?

Thanks very much!