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Engaged Sweeper III
When we first configured Lansweeper, we had set the AD scanning to go by our different OUs instead of the main domain. We have since reconfigured it, however when I do a search for a user name, I get 2 results.


How can we remove all the duplicate "OU\user" entries?
Engaged Sweeper III
Problem resolved.

For now, if all duplicate users have Clerical as domain name, you can resolve this issue by running the script below. You can run the script multiple times if you have other duplicates with an incorrect domain name, replace the highlighted text with the incorrect domain name.
  • • Create a backup of your Lansweeper installation just to be safe:
    • Open DatabaseMaintenance.exe, which can be found in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools folder
    • Paste the script below in the Script Execution tab and hit Execute
    o Delete from tblADusers where userdomain = 'Clerical'

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