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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi All,

I am a new user of LanSweeper and am having issue with scanning.

A complete subnet (a new location) is being identified as WebServer by the scan.

I know for sure that the list contains Windows machines and Network equipment.

Any pointers on what needs to be changed in scanning params for correct identification ?

Thanks in advance.

-- Tapan
Engaged Sweeper II
Additional update:

We had the same issues at 3 locations where the LanSweeper server requests were getting blocked. After opening the traffic for server's IP, the server was able to fetch WMI data properly.

Engaged Sweeper II
Additional info:

Individual Desktop from the subnet gives correct info when scanned using the agent. Mostly, this is due to the F/W in that subnet which is causing problems. Port 135 on the F/W is open. I have about 100+ devices on the subnet to be scanned.

Any pointers from anyone who may have faced same issue ?

-- Tapan

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