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Scan domain from workgroup server

Hi, we've deployed a scan server in workgroup, we're trying to scan domain's server with Domain Admin credentials and with Local Admin Credentials both. The scanning error is ACCESS DENIED only on WMI Query, we tested it using TestConnection.exe . On...

Marinello by Engaged Sweeper
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Meet our featured Community Hero

Happy Friday all! Be sure to say congrats to @Hendrik_VE  if you see him around the Community  Community Hero of the Month: January 2023 - Lansweeper Community - 66012  

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Merging domains (eg contoso /contoso.local)

Dear team, I am using several lansweeper installation. My main concern is mostly the mechanism how duplicates are handled. In my last installation I have a mixture of scanning IP ranges and using agents for home office / remote office users. Mostly I...

BuckRogers by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Problem with LSAgent Relay

Hello, I have a problem, my agents don't show up on the Agent relay. When I check the logs I get an "AgentIsNotEnabled" error.   2023-02-14 10:39:42,431 [5] INFO Reading ini file.2023-02-14 10:39:42,498 [5] INFO Getting asset id2023-02-14 10:39:42,49...

spichol by Engaged Sweeper
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Error: "The IP range overlaps with an existing one."

We are actively deploying LS to our dozens of plants and have encountered a problem. Since some plants use the same private IP address space within their respective VLANs, Lansweeper is generating the following error when we attempt to create an IP a...

IIS App Pools

Good MorningWhat is the easiest way to generate a report that will list all the APP Pools names on my IIS servers? Didnt see anything native in Lansweeper. So I'm assuming I have to custom build something.

JOrdonC by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! LsAgent intune problem after server change

Hi I have a problem with LsAgent. I have deployed LsAgent last year from intune on multiple devices. A few days ago I setup a new server for Lansweeper and after that, I changed the intune policy install command to point to the new server name but it...

Alokin by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan MAC addresses in different subnets

Does anybody have experience, or is there a proper way, to scan or import the current MAC addresses of IP's on different subnets than the LS server is on? That would avoid duplicate assets and provide info about the switchports assets are patched in ...

JSPR by Engaged Sweeper
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