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Engaged Sweeper III

Hello all,

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else is having issues with some assets not showing up after an LsAgent install. We use Intune to push LsAgent out to our devices and roughly 1500 received the push from what our logs show. however, in Lansweeper only 811 are actually reporting. Any laptops we image are done on site and they immediately show up. However it looks like it's mostly laptops that were already active and were on remote networks that are not reporting. We often have personnel who use public/personal Wi-Fi without activating the VPN, but from what I was told with Intune these devices would still receive the push without the VPN on. Running a report in Lansweeper also shows roughly 800 devices that have LsAgent installed.

We can't figure out how or why we are missing half of our active devices and there is a current ticket open with Lansweeper support, but there has to be others who are experiencing the same issues or have had the issue in the past and resolved it. We just updated to the latest version ( and it fixed the Azure error but no change with the LsAgent issue. The CIO is getting impatient as we've been trying to iron out issues for awhile now and the LsAgent issue has been going on since August.

I've just sent newly generated logs back to support now that we have updated, but it takes several days to get a response so I figured I would try my luck here. If anyone has experienced this and fixed it or has any ideas on how we could troubleshoot this, please let me know.

Thank you!