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I have had Splunk Cloud implamented for about a year. We recently implamented Lansweeper in november of 2023. We started with on prim and have since moved to Lansweeper on cloud. At that point I installed the Lansweeper Add-On for Splunk and Lansweeper app for splunk and proceeded to configure the API. I have data hiting our proper splunk instance and can see events coming from Lansweeper but for some reason not all asset data seems to  be coming over. For example I can see events for a computers monitors but I don't see an event for that actual computer. I also can see some events for some computers just not all.  I have events for roughly 14% of our workstations. I also have 2.82GB of lansweeper data coming over. So it seems like the connection is working just not all of the data is flowing.

Thanks for any help in advanced!

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

We believe that you are using the Lansweeper  Splunk integration, built by our partner, Cross Realms.
Please contact CrossRealms for support on this matter as they manage the integration application.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hey Cole, Thanks for the post with your current issue, please allow us to take a moment to have alook and revert back.