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Engaged Sweeper II
Hello Support & Reporting team,

We are having some outdated information from the Lansweeper even after changes done on the systems (servers, desktop and laptops, still it holds the older information,i.e Sql version, number of core, cpu and software which has been uninstalled still seen as installed.Please assist to resolve this.

The scanning of software is set to daily scanning of software changes is Lansweeper. in additional to that can i delete specific nodes\system and do a fresh re-scan\discovery? These issues affects on reporting

Am running Lansweeper version 6063 on windows server 2012 R2

Lansweeper Alumni
If certain computers in your database are showing outdated information this would indicate that:
  • Either the asset has not been scanned since the changes were made (check the Last Seen date)
  • Or if the asset was recently scanned, the outdated information is still present where it is retrieved from. For instance the old information is still present in the registry on the computer, or in WMI.