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Engaged Sweeper II

Hi All,

I have noticed an issue with the uptime calendar not showing the correct information. I was asked to check when a laptop was on for a particular day and noticed it shows that it went to sleep an hour earlier than it did. I checked the event logs on the laptop and can see a sleep event at 16:30 but Lansweeper shows 15:30. All other times checked match up. 

I checked my own laptops history and can see that when I finished up for a weeks holiday, Lansweeper shows my laptop is being on 24 hours a day until I returned, even though it was shutdown. In both cases fast startup is disabled. 

Is this normal? How accurate is the calendar supposed to be? 

Engaged Sweeper

I had the same issue with uptime showing wrong datetime.

Checked many way by wmic, systeminfo, powershell ... returned correct boot time but lansweeper showed wrong calculation.

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