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Engaged Sweeper

LANSweeper v7.0.151.4 , sqlcompact

This issue occurs randomly, and cannot be replicated. Today a user emailed the configured helpdesk email to create a ticket, and the ticket ID within lansweeper did not match the ticket ID in the email's subject that was sent from the helpdesk email to my user's email. The ID in the email's subject was incorrect, and had the ID of an old ticket. We tried to recreate this to no avail, but this has happened off and on over the last month.

Today I executed https://www.lansweeper.com/knowledgebase/resetting-the-ticket-id-counter/ , but I was wondering if there was anything additional I can do, or if anyone would like any additional information.

Engaged Sweeper
Yes some debug options would be helpful. Resetting the ticket ID did not fix the issue as it occurred again this morning via email ticket creation.

There is a shared email that LANSweeper is configured with. LANSweeper then uses that email to email my admin user's email address that a ticket has been generated. It is this second email to my admin user which has the malformed ID. That ID is currently being used by the system because querying the ID returns a ticket using the helpdesk search tool.

This lansweeper installation has migrated across servers, and has survived a crash on the old server, perhaps there is an issue with the sql DB? I am not sure, and I was hoping that the resetting the ticket ID would write new starting IDs to various functions.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper will compare the ticket ID with existing ticket IDs in the database. If there is no match, a new ticket will be created. So either the ticket the user replied to has been deleted from Lansweeper, or maybe the user changed the ID in the subject of their reply for some reason.

Otherwise I wouldn't be sure. If it happens randomly, the only thing that our support engineers can do is give you some debug options to enable. If it happens again, the log files should contain information about it.