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Engaged Sweeper
The warranty lookup is populating my warranty expiration data with the wrong information in cases where an unrelated item has a different expiration date. I have a few systems that have expired warranties, but have "Dell Digital Delivery" through 2023. Instead of reporting the warranty expiration date in the lansweeper asset detail, it instead reports the much later expiration of the "Dell digital Delivery"

Warranty Expires 2016

Warranty info from

Lansweeper reports 2023

Lansweeper asset report

I'm not sure the best way to fix this, as I have no idea how the warranty data is returned from the API, but the info is not useful in this case. Thanks in advance for your help.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I presume this is because it just takes the highest date it can find. Not sure whether they would mark this as a bug or feature request, but I would recommend you contact support if you have not done so and let them know.