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Engaged Sweeper
15 March 2019
Symantec found a virus on Windows Lansweeper server. The name of the virus is Remacc.Radmin.
After that, two other Windows servers and one Windows 7 workstation where infected.
Symantec has detected the virusses.

Please help.
Has it to do with the Lansweeper agent on Windows? Is it a false positive?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I would suggest sending this info to support@Lansweeper.com together with a screenshot of the virus detection.

In the past it has happened regularly that AV software have false positives that flag certain Lansweeper files as a virus or infected file.

If you can send us the file on which this false positive is being reported on, along with the AV software you are using, we can contact the publisher and ask them to fix their false positive.