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Cisco Switch information not correct

Hi,For the Cisco 9200 and 9300 model series (and maybe more) the scanned information is wrong.I found out they are recognized as "Model: [Fuji],"Is it possible to correct this in upcoming Lansweeper versions.(Currently running

Constantly maxing out licenses

[size=7]I know there has to be a way to customize the reports and the assets being scanned, so I stop continually running out of licenses. I am not the admin that originally configured LanSweeper, so I'm trying to get some insight into the program an...

hkitts by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Alert Widget

On the dashboard, you can add an Alert Reports widget that has a few options from the dropdown. Is it possible to have this same kind of widget but I can add my own reports to it, and specify the category of each report (high priority, important, inf...

uninstalled software still showing

Uninstalled some software from the PC's, however it's been more than 48hrs and software is still showing when I do a scan of my PC's. I've tried doing a manual scan, however same result.

Resolved! Unable to add user accounts from AD

I've added the Users Container to the scanning target and then I ran a scan with a domain user's credentials. The scan came back with no errors but when I go to Configuration > User Access & Roles > Add AD User, there's nothing listed in the User Dom...

kwalker by Engaged Sweeper
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God Mode

Is there a way to report on who may have created a god mode folder on their desktop?

murpmic by Engaged Sweeper III
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