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Engaged Sweeper II
What's the best practise for scanning across vlan subnets?
For example, if we got dedicated lan just for phones(from diferrent subnet), the lansweeper is capable to show IP's only.
What about SNMP,LLDP enabled devices - does it helps? Do we need some LsAgent in current subnet?


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
There is no additional configuration need to scan vlans or subnets. Lansweeper will be able to scan all devices in the network which meet the scanning requirements. Regardless of which vlan or subnet they are on.

For phones specifically, when a mobile phone is connected to your network, Lansweeper will retrieve the MAC address from its own ARP table. In cases where your phones are in other subnets, Lansweeper will not be able to retrieve the MAC address for these phones.

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