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Ping specific IP

hey everyone, I am wanting to ping a specific IP address that does not have an agent. I have set it as an IP Range and set a single IP. My question is where can I find the results of this specific scan that I setup?The scan looks like it is running, ...

gflure by Engaged Sweeper
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IP Addresses

We changed the IP addresses for VOIP phones but Lansweeper hasn't picked up the new IP addresses. I tried a manual scan on a couple but still not recognizing new IP.

kgraham by Engaged Sweeper
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Remove devices with no Last Seen date

I have some 250 devices that are showing up in LANSweeper with no Last Seen date in their data. So they don't seem to be getting deleted by the normal clean-up process for devices over X days old. Is there a way to manually delete these machines?

Brendan440 by Engaged Sweeper II
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.ppkg Deployment

I'm currently attempting to upgrade a large number of Windows 10 Pro PCs to Windows 10 Enterprise using a .ppkg file. From what I understand the normal route to accomplish this is with a Powershell script. However, I have a pretty locked down environ...

MS Access runtime - deployment

Need to push MSAccess 2016 runtime.Followed I keep on getting Result: Deployment ended: This operation is not enabled on this platform.I have tried installer an...

Ticket Notification to All Agents when Assigned

I can't seem to find an outgoing email template to allow notifications to be sent to all agents when a ticket has been assigned. We get a number of tickets that come in over the weekend and have no idea if a ticket is assigned unless we log into the...


I am trying to write a LS Report that's supposed to check if software is set on autorun or not.Ran into a wall here and am not sure if this works or not.Can someone just check and see if this is doing what it's supposed to do?ThxSelect Top 1000000 tb...

Josip by Engaged Sweeper II
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