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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there

Our AD is not setup with separate OUs for different countries, I am trying to run a report in Lansweeper that only lists current computers seen in New Zealand in the last 30 days, if the users last login was in the office thats fine as it will pick up using IPlocations as a NZ site, however if they have logged in via VPN the IP location comes up as Undefined and there is no way to identify which country the laptop is in.

Is there a way to only include the last office login for a computer, and not include VPN logins when running a report?

Engaged Sweeper
Ok so the problem I am trying to solve is to only see all computers in a particular country, so that I can check warranty status/purchase date for all computers for that country.

Engaged Sweeper III
I think you may want to include what problem you are solving here. There might be a better way to accomplish this if we aware of what business need your solving.

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