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Engaged Sweeper III
Hello community,

I try to describe my problem a little better, I deleted the old thread 🙂

I distribute a software, or just a file as an exe to the C partition as a copy.

Then this should be started directly on the PC.

In the first picture you can see my Deploy steps.

Step one, it is checked whether the software is available.

Step two: the software is copied to C: \ Tools1

Step three: the software is started via C: \ Tools1 \ Autoruns64.exe

My Problem :
In the third picture you can see my Taskmanager that the software is started,
but as a background service and therefore not as an app and the user of course sees nothing.

If I start the same call manually, it works.

Something prevents this or any other software from starting in the foreground via Lansweeper Deploy.

I would be very grateful for any idea or help.

The support couldn't help either 😞
Engaged Sweeper III

problem solved :

just one Click

See picture