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Engaged Sweeper II
I would like to know what is the requirement for WOL to work? Such as, what is the UDP port? Any special configuration on the Router/Switcher where the server and client are in the different segment?
Is the Wake-On_Lan utility from Lansweeper using MAC address or IP or both to send the signal to network adapter?

I was puzzled why sometimes it works and sometimes it can't work on the same machine. Thank you
Lansweeper Alumni
Depending on which Lansweeper license you currently have you may already be able to install multiple scanning servers. For specifics regarding your Lansweeper license I'd recommend contacting sales (
Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for the information.

I will discuss with my network team.

Do I need to purchase a scanning server? I have at least 10 different subnet.
Lansweeper Alumni
Wake on Lans originating from Lansweeper are by default sent over UDP port 7. You can modify the port used under Configuration\Asset Pages.

Also note that the WoL feature does not currently work over different subnets. WoL uses IP broadcasts to send messages, by default these packets will not leave the subnet. To send the WoL action to a different subnet you have 3 options:

-Configure your routers to allow directed broadcasts.
-Install a separate scanning server on each subnet.
-Use VLANs to connect your scanning server part directly to each subnet.

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