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We want to get alerts when things happen, like % disk use is over 90%, CPU is over 90%, memory is < 10%. Can this be done?DD

dwdaley by Engaged Sweeper
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Domain Migration w/ new SIDs

Our business is moving away from our parent domain that we have been embedded with for an extensive time. Both are building new domains. We are building out new domain and not carrying over any SID history for accounts. How will this affect the ticke...

Email Link back to ticket

How can I include a link back to the original lansweeper ticket through the users email? This link would give the option to link back to the ticket without having to log back in or reply to the email, but can see all of the notes on their help desk p...

jsopko by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Run batch file as Admin

Hi,I'm trying to deploy a batch file on a handful of computers over WAN. The file executes to stop the Windows Update Service. The batch file needs to run with elevated permissions in order for it to work successfully. After reviewing a number of sim...

Lansweeper Firefox Extension For v57 and Up

Hi Guy's,As per https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/11/firefoxplugin.htmlCan you please provide the extension as well not just the installer.I am using a portable version of Firefox and your old installer worked fine, the new one doesn't. It doesn't insta...

Freeze column in report

Is there a way to keep the leftmost column in a report stationary as you scroll through columns on the right, as you can in Excel? I'm using the Switch Ports report which pulls data from SNMPInfo.Vlan - very helpful, but it doesn't just give the VID,...

jkoelker by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk - Auto outgoing emails

OK so in my environment I have setup 2 outgoing email templates to email agents when a ticket has closed as I close out anything that has been resolved for over 7 days. I also have an outgoing email that gets sent to the user when a ticket state is s...