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Engaged Sweeper

Is there a preconfigured report or indicator in each asset in Lansweeper for compatibility with Windows 11?

Trying to run the various reports created in the community has given us issues trying to save the report (it never saves after attempting to 'load' for 30+ minutes) and most times gives us an error message when trying).  So, it would be nice if these items were built into the product so you could select a desktop / laptop and see in the information for that device whether Windows 11 is compatible or not.

There's got to be an easier way to do this within Lansweeper.





Nope, we've tried for about 3-4 months to make this work.  Never does.


We've upgraded along the way as well thinking it possibly was the version we were running.  No luck.

What version/type of SQL are you using? We've got the full SQL Server 2019 and it's loading OK in our Lansweeper, though there is a couple seconds delay. We've also got a smaller environment, that could be a contributing factor. 

We are running SQL Express 2019.  We are well below the limits of the database and have plenty of memory and still supported under Lansweeper SQL requirements.

Hmm, I don't have much experience with SQL beyond report-building, I would open a case with Lansweeper support if you haven't already. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing the report @brandon_jones 

Engaged Sweeper

Thank you - we've tried to use this, all we get is a 'Loading' box when trying to save the report. It never completes.



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