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Engaged Sweeper III

We've run across a problem for the past month or so that we've tried to troubleshoot (mainly by creating filters in the email configuration page that didn't work). So, occasionally, someone will fat-finger an email address in AD or users will have their email address changed after they've already been put into AD and were transferred over to Lansweeper. What ends up happening it they'll open a ticket, and since the email address is wrong, Outlook sends undeliverable email errors over and over again to the lansweeper ticket. There are literally like 30 of the errors below (and counting, because when we close the ticket it starts sending these again and re-opens the ticket). We have triple-checked out email config in lansweeper and it appears to be set up correctly. I'd be happy if it would just reject any emails that say undeliverable in them, but any solution would be great.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Replies to a specific ticket cannot be ignored currently. It would indeed be best to move the emails to a specific folder on the email account itself. I will link your topic to the existing feature request to allow email addresses to be ignored even if they reply to a ticket.
Engaged Sweeper
We had some similar issues with incoming email. I made a rule on the email itself to move them to a different folder so lansweeper didn't see them when they came in.