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Custom asset name prefix (If possible).

The issue I have is we have quite a few customers who have the same domain e.g. hostname.network.local or lan.local some of these will have srv01 server or workstation01 etc which matches. This isn't or hasn't been an issue as these are separate busi...

Resolved! Windows 10 Version Number Wrong?

Anybody have any idea as to why the 'Version' number doesn't change within Lansweeper for newer versions of Windows 10? I've created a report that shows me what I actually want to see but if you go to, for example, a Windows 10 20H2 or 21H1 asset, th...

doone128 by Engaged Sweeper III
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HP Warranty is not working

Dear All,I am trying to collect the warranty status from the Assets, however, the date is different from the HP website.If I enter with SN from the PC, the date is correct on the website and not in the LS.Anyone can help me plz?Thanks in advance,Maur...

malciati by Engaged Sweeper II
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Question about Computer Processes Overview

I'm currently evaluating Lansweeper in a small test environment consisting of a single Windows server (where Lansweeper is installed) and 3 Linux host. We have a requirement to capture the running OS processes on Window, Linux and UNIX assets. I re...


Want to use Https for all connections to Lansweeper so created a new crt, sent it off to Entrust to have it signed. Received the new cert back and followed steps required to install it, thumbprint copied, etc. Lansweeper will not connect when attempt...

jjw100453 by Engaged Sweeper
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Deployment Installation Notification

Hi Guys,Looking to see what everyone else does in regards to an installation notification for packages where the user needs to be out of the application? One of our applications is used heavily by staff, but for the update to occur, I need them to b...

IP scanning stuck on label printers

Hello everybody,Our scan server gets stuck when it needs to scan label printers.Basically, it constantly keeps busy IP processing slots for days, and the only way to get rid of it is to restart the LS scan server.We have 4 label printers in our netwo...

Prur-IT-o by Engaged Sweeper II
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