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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

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This guide describes how to bulk import scan targets to the OT Hub.

If you have a large number of scan targets, you can bulk-import them to the OT Hub, rather than add scan targets individually.

For an overview of Lansweeper OT, see Lansweeper for OT Asset Management.

To bulk import scan targets:

  1. In the OT Hub, go to Settings > Import/Export.
  2. Under Import scan targets, download the template.
  3. Fill in your scan targets based on the template provided and save your file.
  4. Select Import, then choose your file.import-scan.png
  5. If errors occur, resolve the errors based on the instructions provided. Select Import and reimport the file when you're complete.
    If the scan target name already exists then the scan target is overwritten
  6. Once the import is complete, select Scan Targets to view the targets.

Once you've added a new scan target, it will be scanned according to your chosen schedule. Alternatively, find your scan target and select the bullseye under Scan now to initiate the scan. 


To view the scanned assets, select Assets.

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