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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Link your installation with a Lansweeper cloud site for access to Lansweeper's full capabilities. By linking your installation, you can manage both your IT and OT assets from the Lansweeper console. This includes checking for vulnerabilities and running reports.

To link your OT with a Lansweeper cloud site:

  1. Ensure you have a cloud site created and that you are logged in to that site.
  2. Open the OT Hub and select Link with cloud
  3. Select Link with cloud site.
  4. To ensure your OT installation can link with a cloud site, select Run checks. Once the checks are complete, click Next.checks.png
  5. A new window is opened that contains a confirmation code. Navigate back to your OT Hub and ensure the codes match. If they do, navigate back to the opened window and select Confirm.code.png
  6. In the OT Hub, select Next.
  7. Name your installation and give it a description.installation.png
  8. From the drop-down, select the cloud site that you want to link your OT installation with.
  9. Select Create Installation > Done.

Your OT installation and cloud site are linked. For information on your link, go to Cloud Link Overview. To view your cloud site, select the name of your site or select Vulnerabilities

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