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NEW Vulnerabilities in API

We've added a new query in our Public API to retrieve Vulnerabilities data from your sites! Check it out here and start using it today! https://docs.lansweeper.com/docs/api/vulnerabilities  

Lansweeper Dark Theme

Would it be possible to have a Dark Theme for Lansweeper? At the office we all use a chorme pluging to simulate a dark theme but it's very bad looking.

ModelM by Engaged Sweeper
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Uninstall and update VLC media player

Howdy,I have over 200 devices with VLC version 2.2.4 and I would like to uninstall and update to the latest version.But I have not succeeded through the uninstall command from deploy.Has anyone managed to use a deploy to uninstall the old version and...

Tiberiu by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Create recurring tickets

Hello,I would like to know if Lansweeper can create automatically recurring tickets for IT maintenance purposes.Last post I saw about this was dated back from 2018, is this a feature that is available now?We are using Lansweeper Thank you

MBI by Engaged Sweeper II
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Update: HP and IBM warranty scanning

Thank you for your continued patience with the ongoing investigation and troubleshooting of restoring the HP warranty scanning functionality, and the IBM warranty retrieval.As you know, after the past changes, these features are currently unavailable...

LSAgent & Lansweeper Cloud

Is it possible to configure LSAgent to register assets directly to LanSweeper Cloud?  I have mobile systems that are unlikely to be picked up by IP-range or AD scans.  I want those assets to be visible in my inventory and to be flagged for missing pa...

Custom field on user page

Is there any current ability to add a custom field (something like a Notes section) on individual users that we can edit directly in Lansweeper?I saw some posts requesting this from back in 2015 so surely there's a solution for this now, right?

sm_aic by Engaged Sweeper
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exclude group from scanning

Hi all,Is there an option to exclude from scanning an asset group instead of selecting them 1 by 1?i have a dynamic group by specific criteria that i want to exclude from scanning. is it possible? if not i think that this is a feature that is a must ...

eranavni by Engaged Sweeper II
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[Expert Q&A] Lansweeper On-prem and Cloud

Hello all, I recently caught up with Daniel G, (Lansweeper VP of Product Management) to chat about LS Cloud and using a hybrid LS setup as inspired by this Pro Tips video Pro Tips #45: Using a Hybrid Lansweeper Setup - Lansweeper Community - 70531 We...

DGCapture.JPG Type in the comment below.jpg
Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management Assets fails

Hi,I was very excited to see the JSM asset integration with Lansweeper. If this works properly, it will be a huge benefit for us as we are currently looking into switching our ITSM to Jira.Unfortunately the sync does not work. Only a part of our asse...

svt by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Scheduled Tasks Discovery - Windows

Is scanning and discovery of scheduled tasks running on Windows Servers and Clients on the road map?It'd be really useful to have the results of Get-ScheduledTask or similar available and searchable within Lansweeper.

ChrisParr1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Helping us build a better product

Our product management team is always looking for customers to interact with when working to add new capabilities to our solution.  Much of our focus over the next few months will be in Cybersecurity/vulnerability, OT and Lansweeper Cloud maturity ar...