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Engaged Sweeper II

Hi all

Lansweeper have told me that they do not see many requests for a JAMF ( cloud ) connector.
That may well be the case ?
Anyway, this means that they do not have plans to develop one.

Why is this important to some?
The Mac LSagent does not provide userinfo for the device. 
This means that I cannot make reports on who uses a given device.
Nor can I tell which user to contact if I see (security) problems on a computer, without going to the JAMF console.

Please respond to this thread if you would like a JAMF connector as well.

Engaged Sweeper

I would like to see a JAMF and Lansweeper integration. We don't have any MACs but it would be very useful to be able to see iPhone/iPad names, phone numbers, users, and departments that these devices belong to in JAMF. Also what apps are installed. The team that I'm on would prefer if everything was in Lansweeper for viewing assets.

Engaged Sweeper

Here too please!  I am going to be putting in JAMF to manage my Macs and would love to have them all inventoried in one place.

Engaged Sweeper

Another requirement for Jamf integration here too, please!


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee


The product team has a task to review, so would be good if people continue to give an idea of demand.

Also are there other tools being used like JAMF e.g Kandji?


Cheers Iain

We are also looking for Intune integration which was requested in another ticket.

Please have a look at this and let us know if you have different needs


Engaged Sweeper II

I would like a JAMF connector as well. JAMF has better reporting than Lansweeper and already has several agents installed; and single pain-of-glass (half-full). JAMF is like SCCM but for macOS and iOS. Would be awesome to get good reporting on iOS devices from Jamf in Lansweeper. 

Engaged Sweeper

There has not been a great need since you could connect JAMF to InTune 
This howerver is being removed from JAMF so the need for a connector will be much greater in the future.

Upvote from me - Please add this

Engaged Sweeper

Lansweeper / Jamf integration would be extremely useful.

The Lansweeper agent for Macs is completely useless for us and we are trying to figure out how to consolidate reporting of Intune and Jamf data into a report structure similar to what Lansweeper provides.