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Engaged Sweeper II
Asset Radar is perfect for instant discovery- and scanning of devices connecting to the subnet.

However, Asset Radar does only cover the subnet where the Lansweeper server is located, but I hope and thing, that most companies has more subnets to obtain basic network security.

A big wish is an Asset Radar that covers all (selected) subnets.

Maybe you could use the LSAgent on an active computer, to act as a Asset-Radar-Helper on the given subnet ?

I've seen this method used with thin-client management.
Engaged Sweeper II
Yes, this is important to make Asset Radar useful as we have over 200 subnets.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Indeed, Asset Radar only scans within its own subnet at the moment. Adding an extra scanning server(s) in your other subnet(s) is a way to solve this.

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