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Helping us build a better product

Our product management team is always looking for customers to interact with when working to add new capabilities to our solution.  Much of our focus over the next few months will be in Cybersecurity/vulnerability, OT and Lansweeper Cloud maturity ar...

LeoDaniel by Product Team
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Reactivating old assets

Hi,I hope this is the right place to ask this We have a few old computers which were used in the past and then lay in the cupboard for a long time. In Lansweeper, the assets were cleaned up in the meantime because the devices were no longer online fo...

Resolved! LsAgent Linux OSversion

We are using LSAgent in our Organization also for scanning Linux Devices. I just noticed, that the  LsAgent Scans on the Linux Devices are not even reporting back that the device is a Linux device.  The scanned information reported from LsAgent on Li...

lsagent Linux.png

Intune windows 10/11 laptops/pc in future build

Any plans to roll out this detection for a future build?We just purchased this product and are also in the middle of a huge refresh project which afterwards, 60% of our organizations laptops/pc's will now be in azure intune. We are moving completely ...

New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities

Lansweeper is delighted to announce new capabilities in the security vulnerabilities space. Building on the foundations of our world-class scanning technology Lansweeper has enhanced our software scanning to normalize and enrich with NIST standard na...

Knowledge Base - Sub Categories

Hello,I'm new to this great community and maybe I'm not asking in the right place and I'll delete this post if it necessaryWe are trying increasing our use cases with Lansweeper as much as we can.We notice the big potential of the intergrated Knowled...