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Public Cloud Inventory - Join our Research Program

Hi everyone, As you may already know, Lansweeper acquired Cloudockit last year, a product that enables you to analyze your public cloud environments and get relevant information about the health of your cloud resources, whether it's your cloud busine...

Julien_P by Product Team
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Feedback - Microsoft Store app scanning (v9.3 and higher)

Starting Lansweeper 9.3, we introduced Microsoft Store app scanning, which also scans the MS Store apps on your Windows client assets.We’re very interested in getting your feedback on this feature.Can you help us improve Lansweeper by sharing your fe...

Gilian by Product Team
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Security Insights - Windows Patches not recognized

Hello Guys,  we are testing the Security Insights in the Lansweper Cloud. And we have much incorrect Vulnerabilities shown there. We have about 600 Vulnerabilities which concerns Microsoft Updates. For example: CVE-2022-41048 which is related to this...

DirkSa by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! PSSessionConfiguration, JEA, and gMSA

I recently learned about the power of PowerShell SessionConfigurations and Just Enough Administration (JEA). There are two things that could benefit Lansweeper scanning. 1. Scan and report on Get-PSSessionConfiguration. I'm deploying more and more Se...

Bowser by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Asset summary view customize

Is it possible to customize the asset summary view when I click on an asset? I would like to remove the network, optical, recent event logs, and warranty service in the summary view>

user2342 by Engaged Sweeper
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SMBv1 From Scan Servers?

We've got SMBv1 Auditing enabled on our domain and SMBv1 disabled on everything including the Lansweeper scan servers. We're seeing event log entries on our DCs from both of our scan servers like the one below. Nothing else is generating these events...

ChrisParr1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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