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🐝Unlock Data Insights with Community Hivemind

Hi everyone,  I hope you have had a good week! I am reaching out to share details about a new peer to peer initiative called Community Hivemind. This project is designed to give you practical, real-world insights from other Lansweeper users. By parti...

Hivemind cover 2024-05-16 113237.jpg
Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Link between softwareUni and Serialnumbers

I think it'd be very handy to have a table or view that creates some consistency between the softwareUni and Serialnumber tables. I'm using lansweeper in another application to query whether or not a specific key is used while also allowing the loggi...

Tinydan by Engaged Sweeper
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readout registry keys

Hello,i have to read out several registry keys, that belongs to one softwareversion like productname, serialnumber, release, type of installation etc. Some of them are in the same registrykey, some are in another. The problem is, if there is another ...

Lindner by Engaged Sweeper III
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Shellexec compatibility with Firefox on Linux / OS X

I tend to bounce between OS X, Linux, and Windows on a daily basis.It would be great if the shellexec plugin for Firefox could adjust to the current operating system and adjust its commands as needed (ex regedit would not be available, but ping and s...

dkramer by Engaged Sweeper II
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Apple Warranty Scanning

Is it possible to add Apple warranty scanning into 5.1?The warranty scanning link is

poweld1 by Champion Sweeper
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Grouping for IP Location

Hi Lansweeper's staff.Is there any way to group IP locations in a "super" group?In my company we have a lot of IP ranges that we have grouped together using the "IP location" feature. We would like to group some of these IP locations in a group that ...

alerox by Engaged Sweeper
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Monitoring licensed software usage per site

Our company has been using Lansweeper for some time for basic auditing purposes, but we'd like to get a little more granular and start using it to maintain licensed software counts per site, both available and used. Presently we have one Lansweeper ...

NW by Engaged Sweeper
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