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License documents per order and not per license type

Hi there,I wish the "add document" button would work on license order Level and not on license level. One could pin the order documents (invoice, delivery receipt, license paper, ...) to each order instead of globally to the software license. Underst...

Fossy777 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Delete an asset with fewer clicks.

I don't delete assets manually very often but it would be nice if it required fewer clicks do to so. Maybe have the delete asset button on the asset pages or in the popup that appears when you mouse over an asset instead of going into each asset ind...

Technut27 by Champion Sweeper
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Website access for single user

please add the possibility to add a single user to a role (domain\user) like it was in v4.i have some users who need access but are in groups which i cannot allow.and i cannot put them in groups which are allowed.

stiwa by Champion Sweeper
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Option to disable/hide Asset menu

We know that the Assets menu is hidden based on role, but was wondering if it could be disabled completely.We have 300+ IPlocations defined (and yet to setup another 200) the scroll bars in the menu to accomodate that amount of items makes it difficu...

ghelpdesk by Champion Sweeper
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Documents appear to be deleteable by anyone

Is there a way we can limit the ability to delete attached documents based on security options/group membership? We had a user "accidentally" delete one of the documents. Preferably would like this to be a different group of users than the ones tha...

Rule based user access question.

Is it possible with the rule based user access to restrict a group to see only the assets?This would be great since we have a group that manages the assets for us but do not need access to the rest of the console.Thanks for the help.Nick

nmulder by Engaged Sweeper
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