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Resolved! Helpdesk Ticket "On-Hold"

Hi,I have created a new status for our helpdesk tickets called "On-hold".This will be used where we agree with our customer that a job will be done at a currently undefined date/time in the future but we still want to keep this ticket open.We would w...

Report GPO's

We are slowly rolling out a WSUS server in our network, and are using group policy to add computers to it. We're likely going to end up with several different kinds of GPO just for this function, and will probably use GPO's more extensively in the fu...

jnelson by Engaged Sweeper III
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Rest API for Scanning

We recently purchased a large number of Polycom phones as we replaced our old on-prem system. These phones do not have SNMP functionality. They do have a rest api that can be turned on and called. It would be nice to have a scanning agent that could ...

Scanning Queue Button

Small request. Whenever I manually scan, there is an eventual pop-up windows stating I can view the scanning status in the scanning queue. Why not provide a button in said pop-up that takes you directly to the scanning queue?

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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