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File webserver for deployments

I would like the lansweeper to have a built-in file server which I can use for deployments. Thus, I could upload the files needed for a deployment to the server using an upload button, and then make the deployment itself have a pre-created step calle...

yayitazale by Engaged Sweeper III
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Simplify and/or Automate The Backup Process

The Lansweeper configuration and updates happen frequently and the backups are currently cumbersome to perform requiring multiple steps. It would be great if the process could be automated or at least made simple with a menu option.Thank you.

Nathan by Engaged Sweeper II
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Satisfaction Questionnaire after ticket close

HI, (sorry for my por english)It would be great if we can send e-mail or in ticket automatically a Satisfaction Questionnaire after ticket is closed for now if we need to change something or be better and have feedback from user.Thx.

hysthos by Engaged Sweeper II
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More information from Cisco phones?

The Cisco phones have a ton of information displayed on their webpages.Is there anyway that it can be parsed and displayed in lansweeper?You can access the webpage and get basic device information with this urlhttps://<IP Address>/CGI/Java/Serviceabi...

seraphielx by Engaged Sweeper III
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Public IP Address

It would be really great to have Lansweeper include the public IP Address of an assets Internet connection for assets that are scanned out side of the local network. Have LSPush run as a service (something other than an obvious scheduled task that c...

Rotax04 by Engaged Sweeper
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