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Link to specific helpdesk comments

There does not seem to be a way to (easily) link to a specific comment in the Lansweeper helpdesk.A brief glance at the HTML shows that anchors exist (and manually appending them to the URL works), but there is no convenient link to easily obtain the...

dhoward by Engaged Sweeper III
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Merge Asset button

We often run into the issue of having two assets for the same device. They don't get merged because they are found with different MAC addresses. It would be nice to be able to take an asset and tell it to merge it with another asset. Maybe give you a...

alongejm by Engaged Sweeper
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Knowledgebase Editors

First and foremost question, why is creating/editing KB articles limited to Agents Only?I would really like to see you guys create a separate KB permissions in the User Roles section. I would further suggest that you allow any user the ability to Cre...

Server down alerts?

I am looking for a way to get LanSweeper to send an email alert if one of my servers or managed switches goes offline, is this functionality available? I can't seem to find it..Many thanks

BarryG by Engaged Sweeper
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Knowledgebase - Subcategories possible?

Hey there!Is there any way or maybe a workaround that lets me add subcategories in the knowledgebase?-----Example:We want 2 main categories - Infrastructure and Application.Both of them should contain some subcategories.InfrastructureNetworkBackupApp...

Automatic Linking of Assets

We are starting to inventory iPhones that are being imported from Intune. Each phone shows a valid AD user but when you click the link for the user, the device is not listed on the user page. Is there a way to create that asset relation automatical...

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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