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Resolved! Knowledgebase request

Hi,This is more of a few features request then issues.1. please add the ability to print the KB's 2. please add the ability to scroll in the left KB's category list 3. please add the ability to implant a video.4. please add an option to attach a KB t...

eranavni by Engaged Sweeper II
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What are the key OT Protocols for you business

Hi All We are starting to prioritise the next quarter's block of protocols, thought I'd ask if there are any key protocols you'd need to support your business.  Keen to hear about protocols or even if you have a particularly dominant manufacturer you...

Vulnerabilities list not it works Export view

Hello,I would like to save the vulnerability list, but the generated file is not being created. When I press the export button, the loading spinner appears, but the downloadable file is not generated. This functionality works for other lists on the i...

$100 Amazon Voucher Giveaway for Lansweeper Classic Users

Are you a Lansweeper classic (on-prem) user? We would like your feedback on our features What you need to do? Share your valuable experiences with our product, features, and any unmet needs you have with Lansweeper. Our calls usually last no more th...

Fe by Lansweeper Employee
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Manually import Windows Patches / Quickfix

Hi,We have a number of assets where the WMI query only returns 10% of actually installed patches, I know the correct way forward is to fix the WMI on these devices... but these are "old" devices I have tried all the fixes which have failed and these ...

ASismey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Ideas to make bulk changes to a lansweeper table.

I inherited a local lansweeper installation, and found that over the years hundreds of assets have had their locations carefully entered for about a dozen different locations.Unfortunately, the images they used for the base image for each location is...

tcumming by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper App for Splunk Not Pulling All Data

We recently enabled the Lansweeper App for Splunk which shows us to have 610 assets while the on-prem version and the cloud version of Lansweeper show 1,429 assets.  The differences span several of the different asset types with Windows PCs being one...

VBank by Engaged Sweeper
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