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More customizable interface

Hi,I was trying to customize the Lansweeper interface for my organization.The problem is that "Look & Feel" only change the theme for non admins (Asset Management role) account... I wanted to change the theme for everybody and not only specific user...

Deployment - Ideas

1. ADD CONDITION TO CHECK FOR APP RUNNINGAdd an option when creating a deployment for conditions that looks to see if a specific app is running before continuing. For windows this would be great, but other OSs as well would be helpful. I know thi...

mwrobo09 by Champion Sweeper
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Scanning Credential options

The option to add credential mapping is very limited. It would be nice to have the ability to add an asset type to the list. Adding all of my IP addresses is pretty hard on the eyes, especially if you have a laundry list of them.

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Additional AD fields

We use the custom attributes in AD to trigger user syncs and filter users for various tools.\it would be great to have them in lansweeper so we can run reports.i would say a good start would be with extensionAttribute1 - extensionAttribute15Additonal...

gdavid by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Connect via NIC card instead of DNS record?

We have laptops that use the LAN when connected, then auto-switches to the WLAN when disconnected. Lansweeper knows the LAN address because it is listed with the "Network" value, however, if you ping or otherwise try to connect to a machine through L...

Markup Language from HTML 4.0 to HTML5

I would like to have the HTML move from 4.0> to 5. This may be insignificant to most, but having to revert back to 4.0 from using 5 for the past 4 years is taking a toll on my brain.

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Disk Space Usage History

Other products I have seen track the history of disk space usage and display it with a graph. This is very helpful in seeing usage trends. Please add this feature to Lansweeper. This should be easy, since Lansweeper already gets the disk space inform...

abarker5 by Engaged Sweeper II
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