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🐝Unlock Data Insights with Community Hivemind

Hi everyone,  I hope you have had a good week! I am reaching out to share details about a new peer to peer initiative called Community Hivemind. This project is designed to give you practical, real-world insights from other Lansweeper users. By parti...

Hivemind cover 2024-05-16 113237.jpg
Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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User Info Tab

When viewing a ticket and going to the User Info tab, is it possible to either create a link from/with the IP address using a custom protocol handler, or add an entry for one of the advanced actions? The idea being to easily launch the remote admin s...

ktownes by Engaged Sweeper
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User Restriction

Hello,I want to create a user on my lawnsweeper installation that can manage only some asset in a specific "Asset Group".How can manage this thnik?Regards

manelnas by Engaged Sweeper II
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Active Agent Time didn't want to necropost on my old post. Any update on this? Is the feature request going to be implemented? Thank you!-MC

Resolved! Report field question

I have some reports I found here that show Denied software list, approved software, and unapproved. I want to add the date that it was approved/denied, and, if possible, some kind of reason or reason code. So, do either of those fields exist? Date ap...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! automated reports in Excel format

I have reports that get mailed to me the approved software, the denied software, and the unapproved, and they all come in xlsx format. Is there a way to flag the column name/alias as a header when you export it prior to sending it so when they are op...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Distributed Wake On Lan

as described in the PDQ article: Wake On Lan: attempts to contact an online computer in the last known subnet of the target that you are waking up. A command will be...

jperryman by Engaged Sweeper II
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File Scanning Shortcuts Update

Similar to a question asked in 2011. Are you able to file scan shortcut properties? At the time you said you couldn't, but has that changed? I would like to scan for computers with a specific "target" or "start in" path on shortcut properties. Thanks...

tcampbell by Engaged Sweeper
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