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Replying to internal note via email

Hi folks, it seems if one agent posts an internal note through the web interface, any replies to that internal note via email are public. Is there something special that needs to be done to keep the note internal when responding via email? Better q...

Sort Ticket Type

Hi,How can I sort ticket type?I see that is in alphebetic order but if i insert a Number the sort don't change.Thanks

Andrea by Engaged Sweeper III
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dispatching by mail from when ticket is not a new ticket

Hi,how can I change Status of an existing ticket by a reply to agent of this team?For example if I have a ticket open with team A and I change the Team, a mail arrive to a new team with "A ticket has been assigned to your team."I want that when the t...

Andrea by Engaged Sweeper III
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User Info Tab

When viewing a ticket and going to the User Info tab, is it possible to either create a link from/with the IP address using a custom protocol handler, or add an entry for one of the advanced actions? The idea being to easily launch the remote admin s...

ktownes by Engaged Sweeper
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User Restriction

Hello,I want to create a user on my lawnsweeper installation that can manage only some asset in a specific "Asset Group".How can manage this thnik?Regards

manelnas by Engaged Sweeper II
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Active Agent Time didn't want to necropost on my old post. Any update on this? Is the feature request going to be implemented? Thank you!-MC

Resolved! Report field question

I have some reports I found here that show Denied software list, approved software, and unapproved. I want to add the date that it was approved/denied, and, if possible, some kind of reason or reason code. So, do either of those fields exist? Date ap...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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