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Champion Sweeper
I would love to see an option to enter (and link to vendor) support contact information. For example, if I own 20 licenses for 'Mastercam 2017' I currently enter that information into the Software License Tracking tab in LS, but there is no where to enter information about the support and maintenance agreement that was also purchased for this software. You could put it in the notes, but it does not signal help desk staff who are looking at an asset page that there is a support agreement for software on this machine so putting it in the notes doesn't really help the agents. Ideally, we could check a box saying it's under maintenance and then enter the maintenance agreement expiration date, support phone number, contract number, ect. and then on the asset page / software list a new icon would be displayed indicating that the software tile installed on that asset has special notes available.

To take it a step further, you could add a spot for long term service contacts. As an example, we currently have a contract with Comcast (ISP) that does not expire until 2020 and requires a 90 day notice of cancellation to avoid an automatic 3 year renewal. I would love to enter this kind of info into LS and then be able to pick a date for a reminder e-mail to be sent to all agents.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
In order to add extra information to assets you can use asset custom fields. The configuration options for asset custom fields can be found under Configuration\Asset pages. Alternatively you could also upload documents to specific assets which contain the details of the support and maintenance agreement.

On a helpdesk level, you can use ticket custom fields to let your agents indicate if an asset linked to the ticket is under maintenance and require them to fill in the information you want. More information about ticket custom fields can be found in this knowledgebase article:

For the third part of your post, I have linked this topic to the outgoing e-mail templates feature request so that you can create an outgoing e-mail template which is triggered by a asset's custom field.